21 Men Honestly Explain Why They Send Dick Pics

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Youresurveying the singles app scene, innocently browsing profiles in pursuit of Mr. Right, finding a contender and promptly interacting with said contender.


There, in all its veiny glory, is a mans (whom you dont even know) most private area.

Choosing not to interact after being confronted with such a graphic, non-consenting image, you figure youll end the communication there. Prince Charming this man is not.

But itdoesnt end there. He takes offense to your silence and defensively reacts by calling you a tease or even something far, far worse.

I know women dont like receiving dick pics, and with the ample media out there confirmingthis fact, Id like to think most men know this as well. But evidently, they dont. Or they do, and they dont care.

As somebody who has never once sent a womana picture of my dick (not even to my fiance she can see it whenever she wants), I dont understand the appeal.

Why would you give somebody something they vehemently dont want? (Which, by the way, is the same question Ive askedmy Aunt Linda afteryears and years of receiving terrible, ill-fitting gifts from her on holidays.)

To find out,I spoke with a fewmen who have admitted to sending dick pics to women whove neverasked for them. I found these guys with the help of cougar dating siteToyboy Warehouse, who asked their male audience to anonymously provide some input (hey, its tough, and potentially awkward, to get this kind of information from another dude).

While I appreciate their brutal honesty, the results are actually quite disappointing.

See how 21 men whose names have been changed justify their decisions to send unwarranted pictures of their dicks below:

Its what you do after messaging someone for quite a while. Its fun to send naughty pics.

Nate, 26

Bored, TBH.

Shawn, 32

Its sad when you really think about it. I guess Im just a little lonely.

Travis, 25

I sent one to a girl once, and she posted it on Facebook. I denied it was me. That was the last time I did it. That was murder!

Bryan, 22

There werea couple of times when ladies sent some to me, so I only send some back then. Ive never done it first.

Brad, 25

Its a turn-on. I dont really do normal chat. Im on dating apps to sext.

Aiden, 22

Just bored.

Grant, 25

There have been girls who are into it and send pictures back. Its a numbers game: send lotsand geta couple of saucy pics back.

Ted, 27

Dont know.

Chris, 25

I did it once and regretted it.

Ryan, 33

Just a joke really.

Sean, 29

Im on relationship sites, and Im also on sites specifically for sexting (Tinder, obviously). Its just what you do. Ive gotten into quite a few arguments about it. If they dont want picture messages, then why are they on apps like Tinder?

Trevor, 33

Yeah, Ive sent rude picture messages, but only ever to someone I was dating (and we had talked about it before). I dont really know why guys do it unsolicited. I guess its a way to instigate sexual activity quickly. Its a turn-on for them even if it isnt for the woman.

Carm, 21

Done it with girlfriends only. It must be a bit gross if you dont know the person.

Frank, 35

Cuts to the chase.

Francis, 23

We were messaging quite a lot. Things started to get a little frisky, and I thought Id spice things up and ask if she wanted to send picture messages to each other. Ive only really done that with one woman, and I do wonder where the images are now.

Chris, 25

Do it. Ive gotten banned from quite a few dating sites. Sometimes, the women are into it.

Barry, 33

Ive done it a couple of times. They dont respond after.

Rob, 33

Im pretty sure weve all done it at least once or so. My reason, I think, was just the voyeurism aspect of it the hopes that the girl wouldcomment back with nice dick or something. Im pretty sure the number one reason why guys, including myself, send pics is in hopes that the girl will reciprocate and respond with nudes.

Steve, 29

Prior to my marriage a few years ago, I had a short, mostly sexual relationship with a woman who is still into me. We text each other once in a while, and I send her pics. She is still unattached, and she asks me for them.

Frequently, the pics are taken when Im masturbating, and sometimes, they include other paraphernalia I might be using at the time.She comments on how much they turn her on and how she gets off on them, and she usually asks for more.

So now, when Im alone and gratifying myself, I take a pic with her in mind. Its good for my ego, too. I honestly do hope she finds someone who makes her happy, so she wont rely on me for this sort of thing.

Gary, 49

I was on a dating app thatallowed you to send pictures. Becauseit was that kind of app, I sent quite a few. I dont know why I do it. I was just feeling horny.

Justin, 29

So there you have it: 21 reasons men send dick pics. Do you hate us yet? Have you concluded being single is the better option?

Let me first say not all of us are like this. Of all the people questioned by Toyboy Warehouse, more than half admitted theyve never sent a dick pic, so there are still gentlemen out there. Dont give up on us just yet.

Personally speaking, I believe a big reason men send dick pics is because we dont understand how the opposite sex operates. Guys LOVE receiving nude pictures, aswe tend to be more visual in our attraction and assume youre the same way. But you arent. Not always, at least.

Im not excusing these actions. Im merely trying to provide an overview that sums up the responses I received. While none of the reasons above seem intentionally vicious, they dont seem remotely considerate either.

And while Id like to say the dick pic phenomenon is on its way out, that doesnt seem to be the case. Like a stimulated penis, this trend keeps growing.

For men, dick pics are the new selfie.

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