Artist turns little girls in superhero costumes into comic book characters [10 pictures]

As an ongoing side project, artist Alexandria Law finds pictures of little girls dressed up as superheroes and then draws them as if they were real comic book or TV characters…

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17 responses to “Artist turns little girls in superhero costumes into comic book characters [10 pictures]”

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Totally! I loved The Green Lantern Girl & Dog. I think the stories in her head are so much fun. As an early childhood teacher I would love to be these kids preschool teacher.

  2. Nerd says:

    *facepalm* In case you either haven’t noticed, or simply don’t read/understand the character, she’s dressed as THE HULK!!!! Sure you can throw in, “Well She-Hulk wears a top!”, but I put my bets on this little sweetie saw “The Avengers”, loved the Hulk in it (as did my son and niece), and thus wanted to dress up like him! The artist took not only account of the little one’s dress, but of the character she’s representing. 1)Notice, the artistic representations of these young ladies are based on almost exactly what they’re wearing and that little girl has a bare-chested Hulk top on. 2)The Hulk is a force of rage. 3)Have you ever seen the BIG female body builders? Few of them retain a lot of feminine features and many of them lose their breasts through the muscle. You can just as easily argue the age-old question of “How the heck do Bruce Banner’s pants not rip off when he (at least) quadruples in size during his transformation? I think this is a great and sweet artistic exercise and if the girls received their own copies of the pictures, I’m sure each one of them was absolutely thrilled.

  3. Lynn says:

    I really did not like the hulk/ballerina thing. It looks WAY too masculine. How is that little one supposed to even recognize herself? That little girl probably cried.

  4. Miss Keely says:

    Just so happens I had the pleasure of having that lovely Hulk chica in my last preschool class – that is her personality to a T!

  5. Sandra says:

    Right on!!!

  6. I can’t wait for this stage in my daughter’s life! How exciting!

  7. Viv says:

    No one is casting negativity on the little girl dressed as Hulk, only on the artist’s interpretation of her costume. For several reasons that I agree with: 1. She’s the only black child 2. She’s the only one interpreted by the artist as naked 3. It seems unlikely a child that age would purposely put on a full-body costume and intend it to mean to observers that she’s naked 4. She’s the only child who’s artistic version looks like a villain 5. She’s the only one who’s illustrated character even if it weren’t intended to appear to be a villain, appears very much to be menacing and frightening 6. The other characterizations may have curves, but none have a significantly truncated version of the costume they are wearing in their photo.

  8. Noggin says:

    Too masculine? As opposed to what? Not feminine enough. That is the thinking that is being challenged, I believe. But thank you for highlighting exactly what the problem is: Adults judging the creativity of children and trying to “box them in”. I think the hulk ballerina is a wonderful representation of the creativity of children. May she always feel powerful thar beautiful girl.

  9. MaryF says:

    You are right on point. The illustration and concept are beautiful. Your daughter has a better imagination than people posting here about a “missing top”. There’s nothing missing. Let’s hope your daughter keeps her imagination intact!!

  10. Andrew says:

    Looks to me like the artist drew her as an adult woman hulk, seemingly topless. Those don’t look like just pectoral muscles, and the figure is too large to be a child.

  11. Jonas says:

    Feel free to use this picture. My niece Matilda as Princess Merida in Brave.E-Mail me the result! :)

  12. Andrew says:

    The costume totally works. It’s cute, creative, and fantastic. The drawing is odd. The tutu is too small, it’s not dress-like as in the photo, it doesn’t convey a Hulk-princess. More like an insane Hulk, Hulk-Ace Ventura. The artist gets points for trying though.

  13. Janine says:

    Ballerina Hulk has to be my favourite – both the original photo and the drawing! Closely followed by the last one :)

  14. Kristin says:

    For one, Cheryl- no, men don’t have breasts, as Zigz said they lack the mammary glands. Two, Zigz, that’s NOT how evolution works. Just because something developed later than something else, doesn’t qualify it as “more advanced.” Evolution isn’t a ladder, and it doesn’t have goals. A mutation can only be better or worse for a given situation or environment. Further, “bigger, faster, and stronger” might not always be valuable traits. Example: “I’m the biggest dude here!” “Well, the only way out of this sinking ship is through this little port hole.” With humans, “smarter” has been our niche, and that doesn’t depend on physical strength. Three, Cheryl- men don’t start out as females. Just because the fetus doesn’t have a penis early in development doesn’t mean it’s “female” at that point. We are a kind of “neutral” or “blank” before the HOX genes kick in with messages from the sex chromosomes on what to make us. But even without genitals, if we have the chromosomes, we are already “male” or “female.” This is of course, excluding those who are XXY or XXX, etc.

  15. Warj says:

    @Zigz: everyone starts out female in the womb. Several weeks into development the sex chromosome starts to take affect. It is either X, remaining female, or Y and the ovaries drop to form testicles and the clitoris turns into a penis. Regardless of societal factors everyone starts as female. It’s science.

  16. Tyson says:

    I like the concept of this and the art is very well done! Very cool.

  17. Cherie says:

    Said perfectly what I wanted to say. The naked, unsexualized human body is a beautiful thing, as is any mammals. She didn’t have her top off ready for a roll in the hay.

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