Burger so hot you have to be 18, sign a waiver, and wear gloves to eat it

Check out this burger…

It looks fantastic. But it isn’t. It’s downright terrifying, as a matter of fact.

This is the Atomic Fallout Burger from England’s Atomic Burgers and it comes in at a million on the Scoville scale, a measurement of the heat of peppers. This means that it is closer in heat to law-enforcement-grade pepper spray than your ordinary jalapeno.

The heat comes from a 3-pepper sauce, 2 of which are some of the hottest peppers there are — The ghost pepper and the Scotch bonnet.

Besides being unbearably hot, it’s also huge, containing over a pound of meat and accompanied by a large side of chili-sprinkled fries, which are hot in their own right but come as a relief in comparison to the burger.

(Oh, also, instead of a bun, it’s two deep-fried mini pizzas…which just takes this bad boy beyond the pale, in my opinion. One gimmick per burger, please.)

In order to attempt this beast, the brave customer must be 18 — old enough to sign a disclaimer saying they won’t sue — and wear gloves to protect their hands. 500 people so far have agreed to the terms and given it a go. 1 in 10 has succeeded.

(via The Daily Mail)

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6 responses to “Burger so hot you have to be 18, sign a waiver, and wear gloves to eat it”

  1. C0nt1nu1ty says:

    We eat at Atomic Burger every couple of months and have been trying to poke the more foolhardy members of our social group to eat this.

  2. Abraham says:

    Post video after you succeed, please.

  3. tonicclonic says:

    The gloves are probably so the juices from the burger don’t make it from your hands into your eyes. And/or for show :)

  4. Corban says:

    That burger looks like it will be spicy twice…

  5. sawilhelm says:

    “Scotch Bonnets and Ghost Peppers aren’t even all that hot…”That sounds like a challenge, to me! 😀

  6. Dan Nims says:

    Yes, is does look scary. Yet intriguing. Near where we live there’s a place called “Hole In The Wall Barbeque.” They offer a ‘smoked cheeseburger’ that starts with a half pound of ground beef that has been ‘smoked’ until done. I order mine with pepper jack cheese. (That’s as racy as I get.) Of course, it does come with thick sliced applewood smoke bacon on it. Probably not on the Heart Association’s list of recommended entrees, but if you don’t have it too often I’m sure the danger is low. (And you don’t need to wear gloves to eat it, however, a bib is a practical accessory.)

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