Community Post: Jackée’s 8 Best Moments From “227”

8. Sandra Goes to Court

After Mary wins a songwriting contest cash-prize and Sandra takes her to court, Sandra comes up with a hilarious story of how she found her inspiration that helped Mary win and ends up singing with the Supremes.

7. Sandra’s Inheritance

Jackée’s scene stealing abilities were prevalent even in the show’s pilot episode. Thinking she is going to be willed the building after the owner passes, Sandra gets a rude awakening when her former lover wills it to Rose.

6. Sandra Goes Into “Labor”

Seeing how difficult going into labor can be, Sandra has pains of her own and when emergency rescuers come to aid – they think it’s Sandra who is about to give birth.

5. Sandra Gets Her Own Talk Show

Hilarity ensues when Sandra Clark gets own talk show. One guess as to what the favorite topic of discussion is.

4. Sandra as an Actress

Sandra tries to cut is as an actress with a bit role in a movie being filmed at 227 and this happened.

3. Sandra’s Mother Comes to Town

Jackée won an Emmy for her hilarious performance in this classic episode of “227” where Sandra’s mother comes to town and we find out that Sandra was considered the black sheep of her family. Oh, MARRRRRRRYYYYYY

2. Sandra on “Family Feud”

When Sandra goes into the final round of “Family Feud”, it becomes hilariously apparent that she only has one thing on her mind.

1. Jackée Wins Her Emmy

Who could forget when Jackée made history as the first African American to win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

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