Emma Watson ‘Breasts And Nipples’ Pics Leak Leads To Lawyer Involvement

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If I woke up and found out that pictures of my nipples had been leaked online I’d be devastated: not only would this be aninvasion of my privacy but I also have impossibly small nipples and it’s pretty embarrassing.

Thankfully nobody wants to see nipple pics of me, but the same can’t be said for Emma Watson. Website Celeb Jihadhave published pictures of Watson wearing a see-through top which reveals her “breasts and nipples.”

TMZ broke the story, saying that it is unclear how the website gained the photos, but apparently they do know that the photos were taken by her stylist. After taking the photos her stylist then gave Emma the rights to the images, so she basically owns them.

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As you’d expect Watson’s legal team were on the case quickly, informing the site that Emma owns the rights to the images and that they were therefore breaking the law by publishing them.Celeb Jihad was obviously put off by Watson’s legal team, because they quickly removed the photos.

I’m not a naive man. There are certainly going to be readers who clicked through onto this articlehopingto see Emma Watson’snipples.Well, I’m not sorry to tell you that even if the images hadn’t been removed from the offending site, we wouldn’t be publishing them here. But what I will do, just out of pure politeness, is reveal a picture of my own impossibly small nipple so that you do get a consolation prize of sorts. It’s more a wooden spoon to be honest, but at least you’re not walking away empty handed.

So, what’s the difference between my nipple and Emma Watson’s? I willingly put mine out there… and it’s probably smaller, but we can’t say that for sure.

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