Freedom to blog: Judge rules Aaron Walker is free to write about Brett Kimberlin; Update: Walker reveals details of today’s hearing!/DavidHogberg/status/220909434875035649

Blogger Aaron Walker achieved another huge victory for free speech today and helped deliver a sound spanking to convicted political terrorist Brett Kimberlin.

A Maryland judge has ruled that Walker is free to blog about Kimberlin. So much for the Judge Vaughey precedent that says protected speech is harassment because he says so, that’s why.

Walker reported the good news on Twitter:

Once again #BrettKimberlin failed in circuit court w/o my side putting on a defense. #hearing

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) July 5, 2012

Once again, #BrettKimberlin finds that the rules of evidence is a harsh mistress.

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) July 5, 2012

Today Judge Rupp ruled that me accusing #BrettKimberlin of framing me for a crime is NOT harassment. #hearing

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) July 5, 2012

As always, the conservative Twittersphere has his back and is celebrating the victory.

A win for #freedomtoblog by @AaronWorthing in MD court today against #BrettKimberlin. GREAT NEWS!

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) July 5, 2012

@AaronWorthing So glad to hear! #freespeech wins again. TY for fighting this great fight. #BrettKimberlin

— Melissia (@ProudoftheUSA) July 5, 2012

I hear congrats go out to @AaronWorthing as #BrettKimerlin lost today in court. I can't wait to hear the details. #freespeechwins

— Melissia (@ProudoftheUSA) July 5, 2012

@AaronWorthing Thank God. Sanity rules sometimes. #hearing

— Snidely Whiplash (@m_ciriello) July 5, 2012

Congrats to Aaron from all of us at Twitchy! Thank you for fighting the good fight.



Aaron has written a post detailing what happened during the hearing.

My account of what happened in my hearing against #BrettKimberlin. @Liberty_Chick @patterico @Dust92 @ali @FilmLadd

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) July 5, 2012



Freedom to blog: Judge partially stays order barring Aaron Walker from mentioning Brett Kimberlin

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