He Abused This Foster Child For 11 Years And Those Who Placed Him Ignored The Signs

Last week, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo began the process of overturning the current statute of limitations on reporting cases of child abuse.

The original statute dictated that no man or woman could legally seek justice against their abusers after their 23rd birthday. In 2009, there were over 164,000 reported cases of child sexual abuse in New York, many of which went unpunished thanks to the statute of limitations. With the new laws already set in motion, many can now take their abusers to court and witness them take responsibility for their heinous crimes up to 50 years after the abuse took place.

Thanks to this uprooting of the statute of limitations, a former foster child named J.M. can finally seek out justice against both his abuser and the agency that placed him and turned a blind eye.

J.M. was just 11 years old when he was placed in the abusive care of Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu and it is reported that the man’s heinous treatment of his foster child began on day one.

Screenshot: Daily News News Bite

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In Gonzales-Mugaburu’s care, J.M. was often denied food, clothing, and other basic needs. He was also physically, sexually, and emotionally abused.

Screenshot: Daily News News Bite

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