Merry Christmas from your lawyer

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18 responses to “Merry Christmas from your lawyer”

  1. TheFilesAreINSIDETheComputer says:


  2. RegretNothing says:

    The amount of red ink to words ratio is about the same as my final paper.

  3. pandajerk says:

    Too legible. Any professional has horrible handwriting.

  4. ladderduck says:

    invoice attached below

  5. ohlookapieceofcandy says:

    As a lawyer, there’s no need for the “reasonably” , additionally no liability would likely be assumed from “wishing”.

  6. GrandpaUtz says:

    No, this is sausage:

  7. Somethingsfucky says:

    Juries hate him!

  8. PuppiesStartedEveryWar says:

    At first I was worried about college unemployment, but judging from what I see here most other college students are kind of asking for it.

  9. sweetpeasoup says:

    judging from comparing other letters, this is actually a font

  10. Rhase says:


  11. canoecrazy says:

    That is so fake, lawyers don’t care enough to send a greeting

  12. stevetehpirate says:

    Which is why I’m in law school. Either that or med school…

  13. aw6wa says:

    You think you finally had a good paper but not this time.. Every time..

  14. superduckyboy says:

    I always see a sentence that has no red and think “at least I did a little bit right.”

  15. aw6wa says:

    Thanks, clueless idiot (but actually)

  16. MisterBuzzKillington says:

    this is sausage

  17. ohlookapieceofcandy says:

    Also, it should be “reasonably,”. I’m on my tablet. Also, just finished a martini…

  18. RegretNothing says:

    Thanks for the legal advice, mildly drunk lawyer.

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