Mom Realizes Shes Pregnant at Husbands Funeral6 Wks Later, the Doctor Drops a Bombshell on Her

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She grabbed his lifeless hand & whispered it in his ear, but there was even more stunning news in store…

The moments in life that are equally bursting with joy and grief are few and far between, but that’s exactly what happened to Courtney Hill.

Courtney and her husband Brian met in the middle of a snowstorm in 2011 at Timothy O’Toole’s in Gurney. The chance encounter soon blossomed into an unforgettable romance that led to their 5-year marriage and the birth of a beautiful child.

However, their “til death do us part” came much too soon for Courtney when she learned that her husband died in a tragic Oklahoma trucking accident on February 2, 2016.The retired Navy Veteran had served in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan.

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