My brother in law decided to redecorate his house after being dumped by his girlfriend.


18 responses to “My brother in law decided to redecorate his house after being dumped by his girlfriend.”

  1. Qolcake says:

    Hopefully he doesn’t hold a grudge or she is in some serious trouble.

  2. westwise says:

    So he’s single?

  3. choosingausernameisapainintheassandIdontgivafuck says:

    your brother in law –> does that not mean he should be married to your sibling? (or the sibling of your wife?)

  4. Shelbox says:

    and mine

  5. cheesystoner says:

    I would totally do this as a married man. You know. If my wife let me.

  6. PyroJohn says:

    I know he got dumped, but deciding to be celibate forever is a bit of an extreme reaction.

  7. SongOfBlueIceAndWire says:

    The decor is very welcoming.

  8. icallbullshite says:

    Looks as if he’ll be able to protect himself from every having another one!

  9. majesticasduck says:

    He’s going to need a vocal disclaimer before bringing any future dates to the bedroom.

  10. ImSerManlyPower says:

    man the second commment and the one after that are so contradictory…

  11. chillypepper says:

    I approve.

  12. 9Fingers says:

    Any chance that wall spins around by pulling a book?

  13. snugglelove says:

    Not for long, with a wall like that. Rwar.

  14. rubycube says:

    As a woman…he has my attention.

  15. Glumerlink says:

    As an imgurian, you have ours.

  16. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    I see you traded in one battleaxe for another.

  17. tarataqa says:

    And now we know why…

  18. dascannibal says:

    I enjoy decoration of this caliber. Looks very sharp.

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